Dance Motivation & Meditation

Free Online
Child friendly weekly uplifting online dance group to get you moving and connected to your inner grove.

With an optional social group via Facebook.


Created as a fun way to get excercise and connected to our inner grove. A safe environment to allow people to move and fully express themself within the music.
Also an optional social element via the Facbook group to connect and meet new people.
Each event starts with a grounding meditation to let go of any judgments to help drop into a deeper level of enjoyment and self-expression.
Music and movement are good for the soul. Movement of the body and spirit is the inverse of being stuck, depressed and blocked. 


Monday 6pm - 6:45pm 

The 6 pm Monday dance group is child friendly ending at 6:45 pm and it's optional to stay for the meditation. Leave whenever you desire.
After starting with a grounding meditation, the music starts slowly, then builds up to a more energetic pace, taking you on a journey. Before slowing down at the end for the optional meditation. You can leave whenever you desire, the final meditation helps heighten the inner growth and integrate the movement.

Robert C Robertson

About Us

Robert C Robertson, known as Rob, has always loved to dance. It is his happy place, especially the times when he gets totally lost within the music. Allowing the music to take over is a special feeling of being beyond the mind and body.
The other core part of his being is meditation, he is a meditation teacher and Emotional Fitness Coach. Hence it is his inner practise of meditation that is such an important part of his being. 

Therefore at the start of each dance group, we do a few minute grounding mediation, plus at the end can stay for a meditation to connect and reinforce the new energy of the dance movement.

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